Should I have my child genetically tested?

In this post, we’ll review the basics of genetic testing and what to consider before having children tested. There’s a growing number of services that offer testing for children, and many parents are curious about the accuracy of these tests, their privacy, and other important issues. Medical action should never be taken based on a … Continue reading Should I have my child genetically tested?

Cream colored teddy bear sitting on a medical exam table with sterile bandages and other medical supplies, with a bandaid on its chest and wearing a paper mask.

Why do kids get so many shots?

I’m an ardent believer in the relative safety and efficacy of vaccines, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy having to take my kid to the doctor for shots. I’m relieved that my child is now in school and the bulk of vaccinations are behind us. When he was an infant, we carefully timed his feedings … Continue reading Why do kids get so many shots?

Collage made up of three antique advertisements for teething remedies and three images of teething babies, one chewing on plastic rings, one chewing on his hand, and one wearing an amber necklace.

Safe Teething Remedies

There’s nothing worse than your child being in pain, even when you know it’s temporary. It’s no surprise that parents through the ages have reached for anything that might relieve their child’s teething. As the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) describes, “teething occasionally may cause mild irritability, crying, a low-grade temperature, excessive drooling, and a … Continue reading Safe Teething Remedies

Spice rack with a variety of brands and types of spices.

Defining Safety: How Safe is Safe?

As a neuroscientist with a research focus in toxicology, I am often asked by friends and family about the safety of household items and beauty products. Safety as a scientific concept is widely misunderstood. In this post, we’ll explore the concept of safety, provide an overview of the categories FDA and EPA use to define … Continue reading Defining Safety: How Safe is Safe?

Risk in perspective infographic showing population risk is not individual risk. The general population includes people who are genetically predisposed to disease and those who have a protective genotype.

Risk In Perspective: Population risk does not equal individual risk

This series is a collaboration between neuroscientist Alison Bernstein and biologist Iida Ruishalme. Errors in risk perception are at the core of so many issues in science communication that we think this is a critical topic to explore in detail. This series is cross-posted on SciMoms and Thoughtscapism. We tend to think in very small … Continue reading Risk In Perspective: Population risk does not equal individual risk