Cream colored teddy bear sitting on a medical exam table with sterile bandages and other medical supplies, with a bandaid on its chest and wearing a paper mask.

Why do kids get so many shots?

I’m an ardent believer in the relative safety and efficacy of vaccines, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy having to take my kid to the doctor for shots. I’m relieved that my child is now in school and the bulk of vaccinations are behind us. When he was an infant, we carefully timed his feedings … Continue reading Why do kids get so many shots?

Sepia tone image of a child's leg in a cast up to the mid thigh, with a single sneaker in the background. Text overlaid on the image says: I went on vacation and all I got was this stupid cast.

(Don’t) Jump Around: A Closer Look at Trampolines

Two years ago, my youngest broke his leg at a trampoline park while we were on vacation visiting my parents. In the urgent care center across the street, the nurses informed me that such accidents were frequent, with toddlers coming in multiple times a week with broken legs. Given their popularity and the risk associated … Continue reading (Don’t) Jump Around: A Closer Look at Trampolines