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SciMoms: The Prologue

Meet the SciMoms in our first comic!

Episode 1: A SciMom Meets Einstein

Learn how the SciMoms get their powers to fight fear mongering.

Episode 2: SciMoms vs Rocky Meadows

Find out how SciMoms take on misleading advertising from Rocky Meadows yogurt.

Episode 3: Introducing Sue Doe Syence

Sue Doe Syence is the SciMoms biggest foe yet. How will they challenge her claims?

Episode 4: The Jargon Juggernaut

The SciMoms have a new weapon: the anti-marketing truth beam!

Episode 5: The Jargon Juggernaut – Part 2

The SciMoms defeat Sue Doe Syence by breaking through her web of jargon. What is jargon?

Episode 6: Trace A. Mounts Attacks!

The SciMoms face a new villain: Trace A. Mounts! He terrorizes parents about chemicals in everyday items.

Episode 7: Trace A. Mounts Meets the Risk Revelation Ray

In part two of this story, the SciMoms confront Trace A. Mounts, who instills fear by confusing hazards and risks.