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SciMoms fight false advertising and fearmongering.

SciMoms: The Prologue

Meet the SciMoms in our first comic!

SciMoms comic introducing the Ghost of Einstein.

Episode 1: A SciMom Meets Einstein

Learn how the SciMoms get their powers to fight fear mongering.

Episode 2: SciMoms vs Rocky Meadows

Find out how SciMoms take on misleading advertising from Rocky Meadows yogurt.

Episode 3: Introducing Sue Doe Syence

Sue Doe Syence is the SciMoms biggest foe yet. How will they challenge her claims?

Episode 4: The Jargon Juggernaut

The SciMoms have a new weapon: the anti-marketing truth beam!

Episode 5: The Jargon Juggernaut – Part 2

The SciMoms defeat Sue Doe Syence by breaking through her web of jargon. What is jargon?

Episode 6: Trace A. Mounts Attacks!

The SciMoms face a new villain: Trace A. Mounts! He terrorizes parents about chemicals in everyday items.

Episode 7: Trace A. Mounts Meets the Risk Revelation Ray

In part two of this story, the SciMoms confront Trace A. Mounts, who instills fear by confusing hazards and risks.

Lego representations of the SciMoms

Episode 8: Tess Titall meets SciMoms

SciMoms meet a new opponent: Tess Titall, who is convinced that the measles vaccine has not been sufficiently tested.