Episode 3: Introducing Sue Doe Syence

Meet-Sue-Doe-Alkaline-01-e1520636986312.pngWhat are some indicators that a company or person is not using science and evidence to sell their product?

Beware of:

  • Products with health claims that are not FDA approved
  • Products that claim to be a panacea to treat a wide variety of different symptoms (for example, a product will claim to help prevent cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and help with weight loss)
  • Products whose claims sound too good to be true (for example, Nutella’s claim that it is a healthy breakfast)
  • Products that demonize the competition as harmful and dangerous (for example, Sue claims that the only water safe enough to drink is her product)
  • Company or website that uses fear to “educate” its customers about an issue, whose solution it sells